Online Media will not be able to publish IPO Results

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IPO Result

The process of looking at the results of an IPO has changed. From now on, online media will not be able to publish the results of ordinary share IPO.

Recently, CDS and Clearing Limited has made such an arrangement. Earlier, the financial media was also publishing the results, but now only the concerned company, IPO issuance and sales manager and CDS & Clearing Limited have been allowed to publish the results, said Suresh Neupane (Spokesperson of CDS & Clearing Limited).

Mero Share website is sure to come under pressure as other media outlets will not be able to see the results of the IPO. He said that CDSC is also working for capacity building.

According to him, currently, 60 to 70 thousand people can access at the same time in real-time. He also informed that work is being done to make it easier even by using Google Cloud.

Source: Onlinedainik


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