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IPO Allotment Notice

Jyoti Life Insurance

Jyoti Life Insurance Company has received a date of 2077/11/13 on Friday for the distribution of shares. CDSC has given a deadline of 13th for the distribution of shares of the company.

NMB Capital, the sales manager, said that the preparations for the distribution of the company's shares have reached the final stage.

The company had issued 6.6 million shares equal to 30 percent of the total issued capital or Rs 660 million since March 7.

Of that, 5 percent or 330,000 shares have been secured for employees and another 5 percent or 330,000 shares for collective investment funds have been secured and the remaining 59.40 million shares have been issued to the public.

In which the record of highest share application was made till now. About 6.40 times more than the company's issued shares. According to Capital, 18 million 4 thousand 648 applicants have applied for the purchase of 38 million 57 thousand 710 lots of IPO.

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