District Ayurveda Health Center - Vacancy For Various Posts

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District Ayurveda Health Center Manang

Job Vacancy Announced for Kaviraj / Vaidya, Lab Technician / Lab Assistant, and Abhyangkarta

Province Government, Ministry of Social Development, Directorate of Health, District Ayurveda Health Center, Manang, Gandaki Pradesh, Nepal Notice of advertised in the contract service

1) Age: Completed 18 years and not exceeding 40 years.
2) Place of work: District Ayurveda Health Center Manang and various Rural Municipalities of the district.
3) Type of service: contract.
4) Documents to be submitted:
  • Certificate of passing Ayurveda Assistant (AHA) / Assistant Ayurveda Health Worker (AAHW) from a recognized educational institution, Lab Technician / Lab Assistant from a recognized educational institution, and 1-month training of the Abhyangkarta .
  • 1/1 copy of the certificate.
  • 1 copy of Nepali citizenship certificate.
  • Copy of Council Registration Certificate
5) Place of application: District Ayurveda Health Center, Manang (within office hours).
6) Selection Method: Interview and Priority Determination.
7) Contact date: 2077-12-06 within office hours.
8) Application Fee: Rs. 400 for Assistant Post and Rs. 100 in the case of the Abhyangkarta. The original bank voucher deposited in the bank should be submitted. The fee is to be paid as per the following details.

Note: No action will be taken on the application for non-submission and late registration. For special information contact no. Please contact 984779 2066 and 9849117585.

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