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Sunrise Bluechip Fund


Sunrise Capital Limited is going to issue its 100000000.00 units @Rs.10 face value each mutual fund scheme (Sunrise Bluechip Fund) to the general public starting from 1st - 4th Chaitra, 2077

Sunrise Capital Limited has published an offer letter to issue 10 crore units of Sunrise Bluechip Fund. The issue will open on 1st Chaitra and close on 4th Chaitra, 2077. If the issue is not fully subscribed by then, the deadline can be extended to Chaitra 16.

Out of the 10 crore units to be auctioned, 15% units have been reserved for fund promoter Sunrise Bank. The remaining 8,50,00,000 units will be open for application.

Rs. 10 is the par value per unit. Applicants can apply for a minimum of 1,00 units and a maximum of 1 crore units.

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